iRingtunes 2.1

Create your own iPhone tunes


  • Very quick to convert
  • Integrates seamlessly with iTunes


  • Won't work with protected audio files


Regardless of whether the iPhone really does fulfill the hype, you can be guaranteed that there will be hundreds of apps released to help enhance it.

iRingtunes enables you to create ringtones for your iPhone from any unprotected songs in your entire iTunes library. This immediately eliminates the vast majority of iTunes tracks because they come downloaded with protection, but for everything else iRingtunes works a treat.

Once you start up iRingtunes it automatically scans your iTunes library for convertible tracks. iRingTunes then displays a list of all the songs that you can use to create ringtones. You can then select the song you want to use, set the starting point in the song for the ringtone using a simple slider, and set the length of the ringtone. After previewing the result, you can then choose whether to save it. The next time you sync your iPhone to iTunes, the new ringtones will be added to your iPhone.

Fantastically simple and quick to convert, iRingtunes gives you the opportunity to create original and unique songs from unprotected data.

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iRingtunes 2.1

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